Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Green House on Waite Road.

I have never been much of a domestic lady. I would much rather be playing outside than sitting inside worrying about if the curtains match my house or how to organize things. This has become my biggest battles about getting married. I want a cute house, but I’m not sure how to accomplish that, I was not blessed with the” picturing how something should look in my head and making it happen” talent.  I am super excited to have the little green house to rent before Justin builds our house so that I can figure out want I like or what looks good. That being said here are some pictures of our little green house in Logandale. They are a little old. Since I took these pictures Justin, Momma Hardy and I made a quick trip to St. G. and got some new blinds and curtains for the house which made a HUGE difference.

The living room and dining room. I’m going with brown as the main color and red and white accents. The brown table by the couch was project #1 that we did. We sanded and stained the table. The kitchen table is our new project if you can’t tell. We started sanding the chairs and the table is next and then the staining will start.

The John Deere kitchen. I love the idea of a John Deere themed kitchen. It’s super fun. Mom Hardy is going to make some John Deere stuff for the kitchen which should be fun but we have a fridge and oven and sink lot of fun toys that we already received as wedding presents. As a side not, maybe you have noticed there is NO dishwasher. I kind of was scared about this in the beginning because I have never not had a dish washer but I’m good with it now. The dish washer does really clean the dishes right anyway... but YAY for washing dishes by hand!! :)

My next favorite place which I know eventually I will probably hate is the laundry room. As of now it’s not too bad I’ve done about 8 loads of some of my dirty clothes, towels we've used to wash the house and a couple other things and I would have to say laundry is not that bad YET. I'm sure once we move in and we are showering and washing both of our clothes I might not like doing laundry so much.

I needed an excuse to have my dad come visit me at least twice a month so I got a fish tank. I figured a free fish tank, free fish and free maintenance PLUS getting to see my dad is pretty much a good deal for me! I guess I get to be a new customer of Always Clean Aquarium and have "Joe the fish man" come out to visit. And if I get lucky maybe he will bring his super cute "fish lady woman" my mom; out to visit! :)  All things considered, the fish tank is a major plus in the Hardy house!! :)

The bedrooms and bath rooms are still a work in progress so I decided not to take pictures of those. But the little green house is coming along and has come a LONG way from when we first walked through the door.
It started as a kind of must yucky place that i couldn't stand to be in, but after many hours with mom hardy we got it cleaned and good to go. Aunt Stacey and Nana were big help with furniture and house supplies. we have a little left to do but Rome wasn't built in a day... right?
 I’m excited to finally be able to live in it in 16 days!


  1. Haha. I LOVED this post!! I know you thought Mckenzie and I were NUTS when we were looking at curtins and stuff but girl now you understand!! Haha. I love your house! It looks great! Love ya girl!

  2. The curtain and blinds do make a big difference. It looks like a HOME now! We love it!!!