Sunday, March 20, 2011

Justin and Melissa Hardy Wedding Day!!!

March 19th 2011
My wedding day started bright and early at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning! I got up and showered, did my hair, had Sam do my make up got dressed and ready to go to the temple grabbed the dress and was out the door by 8 a.m.
We decided an early sealing time would be best because we just want to be married! The drive to the temple was one of the coolest things ever. Justin and I drove alone and the whole way we talked about when we started dating and how excited we were. And before we knew it we were at the temple both excited to get married!
The Sealing was absolutely AMAZING!! Our sealers name was Brother Yardley and he was from Panguitch and was a farmer which made it really fun, him and Justin shared lots of stories before the sealing which made time go by a little bit faster! I can honestly say my sealing was beautiful but I guess I was so excited to be married that I cant remember anything he said but when all was said and done we became Justin and Melissa Hardy sealed together for time and all Eternity!!!

After we got dressed and put of “get ups” on we headed outside to greet all the family and friends that were awaiting us! We had lots of fun taking pictures and it helped that we had the world most amazing photographer!! We got our “temple” pictures, headed to Arby’s because we were starving and headed home for our reception!
Once we got home we went out into the field on the tractor to snap some shots! Then headed to the Fair Grounds for the reception.

We had the most amazing bridal party and we all had such a great time.
After they got everyone outside we had our ring ceremony. It was very quick and painless and was over before we knew it. Plus, we only had 1 causality… my veil.. Which I ripped off my head because the wind kept blowing it in my face! (Sorry Mom!!)

But the reception was a BLAST we ate, danced and laughed our hearts out. One of my favorite parts was playing the newlywed game! 

After all the games and fun were over we got the HECK OUT OF THERE to go enjoy our first night as Justin and Melisa Hardy! I will be nice and spare you the details…. But till next time…

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