Tuesday, June 28, 2011


June brought lots of fun in the Hardy house!
The first Saturday in June we too a trip in to Vegas with mom and dad hardy to meet mom and dad Benites with Nana and Papa to do a temple session! We had so much fun there were so many cool expierences. We were all able to go through for a family member. My mom went through for my Great-grandma “Tiny” who was baptized exactly 75 years ago to the day that my mom did her endowments.
A couple days later we got “Little Pig” or “Wilbur” (according to Mark!)

He is such a funny pig! He has such a personality and he LOVES to eat anything that’s not pig food! He will eat dog food, watermelon, apple peals, doughnuts, hot dogs, and even dead birds but he will NOT eat his regular pig food. I don’t understand, we can mix the dog food and pig pellets but he will eat around all the pellets and just eat the dog food!! But when all Is said and done we love little pig and he soon will be dinner but we do enjoy having him around for now!

We are now loving the Game Farm in Overton! It has become a fun family project for us all to work on! I found/caught the “ground munk” in a field and I was so excited! I went running over to justin to show him and tell him it bit me and he told me to drop it so I did and he stomped on it and killed it! Why? Because it’s a gopher and it has rabies! Well thanks babe, I knew you were always looking out for me!

In the middle of the month we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the St. George Temple for Cody and Mersadie Hardy’s sealing! It was absolutely beautiful and it was fun to be back in the same room that we had and what was even cooler was they had the SAME sealer we did! It was super fun to see them become an eternal family! We are so excited for them! P.S. they had their baby a few days later and she is absolutely the most beautiful baby girl ever! While in St. George we met up with the Desert View Wards Girls camp! It was so fun! I realllly missed girls camp this year! It was always my favorite part of summer but just seeing them made my whole day!

I have the best Dad’s and Grandpas in the world! We had such a fun father’s day! We woke up and went over to the fire station to visit Papa Stan at work we brought him a big Pepsi and sat around and hung out for a while. Then we headed over to visit Dad Benites! His request was that all he wanted for father’s day was to go swimming with his family and have steaks for dinner! So that’s exactly what we did and we had blast!! We all pitched in and made dinner!

We are a John Deere family and I have enjoyed driving the tractor and helping out around the farm while Justin is at work! Driving the tractors are really so fun I understand why Justin loves it so much!
Grandpa turned 80!! So we had to party!!! We threw grandpa an 80th birthday party the last Saturday in june! Mom and Dad Benites came to town with Emily and Nana and Papa to join the festivities! We took lots of family pictures served lots of cake and listen to so jamming music from Dustin, Jack and Jill. It was a great evening with lots of family and friends!

At the end of June we took a spur of the moment fishing trip with Mom and Dad Hardy. We packed up the boat and headed to the lake for a few hours! We had so much fun and once again I got skunked!!! What the heck! I keep wondering to myself if I will ever catch a fish again but its okay cause I just love to be on the boat! But for the record; Striper tastes WAY better that trout!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


We kicked may of with a SUPER fun trip to Coral Pink with lots of friends! The rides were a little bit freezing but we seriously had the best time! I forgot how absolutely BEAUTIFUL Coral Pink is!

With the house building project going on we were trying to save as much money as we could for the house and we figured the easiest way to do it would be to move in with mom and dad hardy and save all the rent money we were paying so we could have a little bit nicer stuff for the new house! We packed up and moved about 200 yards left and back into Justin’s old room. Poor Heather got kicked out and had to move into Ashley’s old room but it all seemed to work out and with the help of Mom, Heather, Betsy, and Jordan we were moved in rather quickly!
SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! YAY! School was finishing up finally I felt like that was the longest 15 weeks of my life! i finished out the semester pretty strong! And was just happy it was over and hopefully we only have 6 more semesters until I am completely done with school and I’ll be and R.N.
Let’s DANCE… well not me.. EMILY! Her 8th grade dance was here!!! I had so much fun going over to my mom’s house to help her get ready and she looked absolutely STUNNING!!!

On the last Sunday in may we had the wonderful opportunity to into Vegas to listen to the Godfreys give talk in church. They did an AMAZING job! After church we went with Sam, Thomas, Joni and Brian to lunch and had a blast!
We had a WONDERFUL May!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Due to my LACK of blogging I have decided to make monthly blog posts to catch everyone back you to speed with our Hardy happenings. Not to much went on in the end of march other than getting used to being married and sooooo far away from the Benites and Bentley family, so that brings us to APRIL!!
School started back up and the fair was right around the corner! I got offered a job by one of my nursing professors to work at Pulmonary Associates. After talking it through with Justin we decided me having a little side job would be to bad, I was hired as a “float” so I am on call all the time which allowed me to go to school, study play with my husband and hang out on the farm! All was going well!
Then the annual Clark County Fair came to town and that brought a week of fun! Fabulous Heather Hardy did so good in the show and he steer “Chuck” was beefy! We went to the rodeo and had a blast! Emily, mom & dad came to visit and they experienced Justin’s LOVE (more like obsession) with Gyros! After a fun day mom and dad went home and left us with Emily! We had a super fun Saturday night and Sunday Justin and I showed against each other in old timers!! What a HOOT! It was seriously so funny! But when all was said and done neither of us won even though Betsy was one of the judges!!!

For some time we had been talking about trading in my (my dad’s) white truck to get something with a little better fuel mileage. The white truck was getting and average of 9.2 MPG and it was kinda breaking the bank! So Papa Stan called Ashley’s father-in-law Vance to see if we could trade our truck in for a Ford focus! Well when all was said and done we and now the owners of a CAR! (who would have thought that would happen?) we now have a 2011 Ford Focus! Its was definitely not the easiest decision I’ve ever made! There were many many many tears! But don’t worry I have a great husband who kept 1 key to the truck so one day if I see it I can seal it!!( just kidding… well kinda) but in all seriousness the car is the best investment we have mad and it makes all the trips to vegas a lot more affordable!

How Firm is your foundation? Well ours is Extremely firm! It was now time to start building the house pad and man what a project for my poor husband but Papa Stan told us that that we needed a firm foundation because our house will be on it forever! So a little over 130 dump truck loads and lots of wheel rolling we have a HOUSE PAD!! Which we are soon hoping we will be able to build our dream house on! I’d like to give a special shout out to my VERY hard working husband who never gave up no matter house sick of hauling dirt he was he got it done and built us the FIRMEST FOUNDATION I’ve ever seen!!

Well to end this crazy month of April… like every other newlywed couple we got our first church calling! We were called to be Cub Scout Wolf Pack Leaders! Can you say best calling ever?!? We were both a little scared because we didn’t know what to exactly expect of the calling. 5-9 8 year old boys… definitely a handful! It is SO fun though we love the boys! They are so funny and love to have fun!
Hope everyone else had a fun April!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Honeymoon… I’ll spare you the details!

For our honeymoon we headed up to Rodgers cabin on Cedar Mountain, and because it was still march we didn’t know what weather to expect but I would say that the weather worked in our favor.

Our first there we got SNOWED IN, and as newlyweds you can only imagine how fun that would be (once again sparing you all the fun details!!) but after it snowed we went outside and enjoyed the freezing weather! We took the Rhino up to the top of the mountain and got to see the amazing view of…. Cedar City!!!! We played in the snow for a while and I got to learn lots of neat stuff about the snow…like… when it snows there is a great possibility that there are these “sink holes” but don’t you worry by butt found every last one of them and Justin thought it was HILARIOUS!

After all the fun we had in the snow we headed back to the cabin where we defrosted and showered… and well if I blog much more about the honeymoon I’m not sure anyone would ever visit my blog again!
So we will fast forward to Tuesday where we headed down the mountain to get lunch and what perfect timing cause Ms. Heather Hardy happened to be at Wal-Mart right next to the chilies and she came and had lunch with us! After lunch we hit up Wal-Mart for… toilet paper… yep that’s it we needed toilet paper… J and headed back up to the cabin where once again didn’t come out of hiding for another day!
We decided we were ready to go home on Wednesday because we missed playing on the farm so we came home and what a long 3 house drive that was… seriously cedar to Logandale has never felt so long for the both of us!!
For the remainder of our honeymoon week we went on Rhino rides, horse rides and just enjoyed being newlyweds!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Justin and Melissa Hardy Wedding Day!!!

March 19th 2011
My wedding day started bright and early at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning! I got up and showered, did my hair, had Sam do my make up got dressed and ready to go to the temple grabbed the dress and was out the door by 8 a.m.
We decided an early sealing time would be best because we just want to be married! The drive to the temple was one of the coolest things ever. Justin and I drove alone and the whole way we talked about when we started dating and how excited we were. And before we knew it we were at the temple both excited to get married!
The Sealing was absolutely AMAZING!! Our sealers name was Brother Yardley and he was from Panguitch and was a farmer which made it really fun, him and Justin shared lots of stories before the sealing which made time go by a little bit faster! I can honestly say my sealing was beautiful but I guess I was so excited to be married that I cant remember anything he said but when all was said and done we became Justin and Melissa Hardy sealed together for time and all Eternity!!!

After we got dressed and put of “get ups” on we headed outside to greet all the family and friends that were awaiting us! We had lots of fun taking pictures and it helped that we had the world most amazing photographer!! We got our “temple” pictures, headed to Arby’s because we were starving and headed home for our reception!
Once we got home we went out into the field on the tractor to snap some shots! Then headed to the Fair Grounds for the reception.

We had the most amazing bridal party and we all had such a great time.
After they got everyone outside we had our ring ceremony. It was very quick and painless and was over before we knew it. Plus, we only had 1 causality… my veil.. Which I ripped off my head because the wind kept blowing it in my face! (Sorry Mom!!)

But the reception was a BLAST we ate, danced and laughed our hearts out. One of my favorite parts was playing the newlywed game! 

After all the games and fun were over we got the HECK OUT OF THERE to go enjoy our first night as Justin and Melisa Hardy! I will be nice and spare you the details…. But till next time…

Friday, March 18, 2011

the count down is on!!!

When everyone told me that weddings were so stressful I did not believe them. It all started off so simple and easy accomplishing things slowly not letting things get to my head but as soon as we hit the one month to wedding mark I took a turn for the worst.
Suddenly every last detail was stressing me out. I had numerous meetings with my mom and Erin (the wedding planner) about how things were going and what I wanted and I had about 10000 projects for Lana to do. Needless to say going to school full-time and planning a wedding in the middle of the semester was not the smartest I’ve ever had, but it was the best decision I’ve ever had!!
The week before the wedding actually happened to be the week of Justin’s birthday and school  mid-terms. if planning a wedding wasn’t stressful enough lets just go ahead and throw on 2 tests, 2 evaluations and 1 essay to make things fabulous!!
The week was FULL of shopping trips with my mom and heather. Many phone calls between my moms and me. A meeting with erin and lots more!
Once I finished all of the things I needed on Thursday in town I decided to head to my new home of Logandale for good!! J
On Thursday Heather and I ran to St. George to do some last minute shopping and I do believe we brought a new meeting to “get what you need and move on.” It was the quickest shopping trip ever. We went to 7 different stores and lunch in only 3 ½ hours!!
Thursday night Krysta came over and we made our famous won-tons! SUPER YUMMY. Then Heather, Betsy, Krysta and I watched 8 seconds.
Friday was probably the most stressful. I had to write my essay for my history class and I wanted to help finish setting up.
My mom, Momma Hardy, Aunt Kimmy, Aunt Stacey, Sam, Thomas, Aunt Kay, Aunt Carol, Papa Stan, Krysta, Kyle, Josh, Dad, Papa, Nana and of course Justin were such BIG helps on Friday with getting everything finished and looking good for wedding day!
I never got nervous to get married, I guess because it just felt so right and I knew that I was marrying the man heavenly father wanted me to.
I slept with my mom in the little green house on Friday night and woke up Saturday morning ready to be Melissa Hardy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little Green House on Waite Road.

I have never been much of a domestic lady. I would much rather be playing outside than sitting inside worrying about if the curtains match my house or how to organize things. This has become my biggest battles about getting married. I want a cute house, but I’m not sure how to accomplish that, I was not blessed with the” picturing how something should look in my head and making it happen” talent.  I am super excited to have the little green house to rent before Justin builds our house so that I can figure out want I like or what looks good. That being said here are some pictures of our little green house in Logandale. They are a little old. Since I took these pictures Justin, Momma Hardy and I made a quick trip to St. G. and got some new blinds and curtains for the house which made a HUGE difference.

The living room and dining room. I’m going with brown as the main color and red and white accents. The brown table by the couch was project #1 that we did. We sanded and stained the table. The kitchen table is our new project if you can’t tell. We started sanding the chairs and the table is next and then the staining will start.

The John Deere kitchen. I love the idea of a John Deere themed kitchen. It’s super fun. Mom Hardy is going to make some John Deere stuff for the kitchen which should be fun but we have a fridge and oven and sink lot of fun toys that we already received as wedding presents. As a side not, maybe you have noticed there is NO dishwasher. I kind of was scared about this in the beginning because I have never not had a dish washer but I’m good with it now. The dish washer does really clean the dishes right anyway... but YAY for washing dishes by hand!! :)

My next favorite place which I know eventually I will probably hate is the laundry room. As of now it’s not too bad I’ve done about 8 loads of some of my dirty clothes, towels we've used to wash the house and a couple other things and I would have to say laundry is not that bad YET. I'm sure once we move in and we are showering and washing both of our clothes I might not like doing laundry so much.

I needed an excuse to have my dad come visit me at least twice a month so I got a fish tank. I figured a free fish tank, free fish and free maintenance PLUS getting to see my dad is pretty much a good deal for me! I guess I get to be a new customer of Always Clean Aquarium and have "Joe the fish man" come out to visit. And if I get lucky maybe he will bring his super cute "fish lady woman" my mom; out to visit! :)  All things considered, the fish tank is a major plus in the Hardy house!! :)

The bedrooms and bath rooms are still a work in progress so I decided not to take pictures of those. But the little green house is coming along and has come a LONG way from when we first walked through the door.
It started as a kind of must yucky place that i couldn't stand to be in, but after many hours with mom hardy we got it cleaned and good to go. Aunt Stacey and Nana were big help with furniture and house supplies. we have a little left to do but Rome wasn't built in a day... right?
 I’m excited to finally be able to live in it in 16 days!