Friday, March 18, 2011

the count down is on!!!

When everyone told me that weddings were so stressful I did not believe them. It all started off so simple and easy accomplishing things slowly not letting things get to my head but as soon as we hit the one month to wedding mark I took a turn for the worst.
Suddenly every last detail was stressing me out. I had numerous meetings with my mom and Erin (the wedding planner) about how things were going and what I wanted and I had about 10000 projects for Lana to do. Needless to say going to school full-time and planning a wedding in the middle of the semester was not the smartest I’ve ever had, but it was the best decision I’ve ever had!!
The week before the wedding actually happened to be the week of Justin’s birthday and school  mid-terms. if planning a wedding wasn’t stressful enough lets just go ahead and throw on 2 tests, 2 evaluations and 1 essay to make things fabulous!!
The week was FULL of shopping trips with my mom and heather. Many phone calls between my moms and me. A meeting with erin and lots more!
Once I finished all of the things I needed on Thursday in town I decided to head to my new home of Logandale for good!! J
On Thursday Heather and I ran to St. George to do some last minute shopping and I do believe we brought a new meeting to “get what you need and move on.” It was the quickest shopping trip ever. We went to 7 different stores and lunch in only 3 ½ hours!!
Thursday night Krysta came over and we made our famous won-tons! SUPER YUMMY. Then Heather, Betsy, Krysta and I watched 8 seconds.
Friday was probably the most stressful. I had to write my essay for my history class and I wanted to help finish setting up.
My mom, Momma Hardy, Aunt Kimmy, Aunt Stacey, Sam, Thomas, Aunt Kay, Aunt Carol, Papa Stan, Krysta, Kyle, Josh, Dad, Papa, Nana and of course Justin were such BIG helps on Friday with getting everything finished and looking good for wedding day!
I never got nervous to get married, I guess because it just felt so right and I knew that I was marrying the man heavenly father wanted me to.
I slept with my mom in the little green house on Friday night and woke up Saturday morning ready to be Melissa Hardy!

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