Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bridal Shower #1... LOVE IT!

Well my SUPER GREAT Hardy family gave me a bridal shower in Logandale… it was super fun and I got lot of fun things. We started the shindig off by eating yummy food and socializing! Lotrs of friend and family showed up, and like most times girls get together there's lots of talking!

a few people who came! :)

Then the games began, I played the bubble gum game! Ashley had got with Justin and asked him 20 questions about himself and he gave her the answers… my job was to answer the questions correctly and if I got it wrong I had to eat a piece of gum! Well, I started off doing really good, I totally thought I knew everything. Turns out I got 14 out of 20 right. I ended up with a MOUTHFUL of gum!  

After the super fun game it was PRESENT TIME... im not sure its right to post ALL of my presents but here are a few from the pile! :)
the very first present... made me cry like a BABY

My super cute helper Allie! LOVE HER!!

Sam made this!! i love love love it!!

Oh nana, she just thinks of EVERYTHING

Mom Hardy made this for me... it matches my John Deere kitchen! :)

Oh, you can just imagine what the rest of this outfit looks like... i got lots of fun outfits... but just cant spoil the suprise!! :)

It was s SUPER fun day!! I'm excited to use ALL of it! :)
till next time
J & M

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  1. The Bridal shower was very fun and I can't wait for the one in Vegas. The pictures turned out very cute. I am glad you like your John Deere apron and your "Outfits" .. but we forgot to take a picture of your road sign and your Justin and Missy Frame.

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG and I love you!!