Monday, March 28, 2011

Honeymoon… I’ll spare you the details!

For our honeymoon we headed up to Rodgers cabin on Cedar Mountain, and because it was still march we didn’t know what weather to expect but I would say that the weather worked in our favor.

Our first there we got SNOWED IN, and as newlyweds you can only imagine how fun that would be (once again sparing you all the fun details!!) but after it snowed we went outside and enjoyed the freezing weather! We took the Rhino up to the top of the mountain and got to see the amazing view of…. Cedar City!!!! We played in the snow for a while and I got to learn lots of neat stuff about the snow…like… when it snows there is a great possibility that there are these “sink holes” but don’t you worry by butt found every last one of them and Justin thought it was HILARIOUS!

After all the fun we had in the snow we headed back to the cabin where we defrosted and showered… and well if I blog much more about the honeymoon I’m not sure anyone would ever visit my blog again!
So we will fast forward to Tuesday where we headed down the mountain to get lunch and what perfect timing cause Ms. Heather Hardy happened to be at Wal-Mart right next to the chilies and she came and had lunch with us! After lunch we hit up Wal-Mart for… toilet paper… yep that’s it we needed toilet paper… J and headed back up to the cabin where once again didn’t come out of hiding for another day!
We decided we were ready to go home on Wednesday because we missed playing on the farm so we came home and what a long 3 house drive that was… seriously cedar to Logandale has never felt so long for the both of us!!
For the remainder of our honeymoon week we went on Rhino rides, horse rides and just enjoyed being newlyweds!

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  1. Thanks for sparing us the details! So glad you got these posted! Love ya!