Thursday, April 28, 2011


Due to my LACK of blogging I have decided to make monthly blog posts to catch everyone back you to speed with our Hardy happenings. Not to much went on in the end of march other than getting used to being married and sooooo far away from the Benites and Bentley family, so that brings us to APRIL!!
School started back up and the fair was right around the corner! I got offered a job by one of my nursing professors to work at Pulmonary Associates. After talking it through with Justin we decided me having a little side job would be to bad, I was hired as a “float” so I am on call all the time which allowed me to go to school, study play with my husband and hang out on the farm! All was going well!
Then the annual Clark County Fair came to town and that brought a week of fun! Fabulous Heather Hardy did so good in the show and he steer “Chuck” was beefy! We went to the rodeo and had a blast! Emily, mom & dad came to visit and they experienced Justin’s LOVE (more like obsession) with Gyros! After a fun day mom and dad went home and left us with Emily! We had a super fun Saturday night and Sunday Justin and I showed against each other in old timers!! What a HOOT! It was seriously so funny! But when all was said and done neither of us won even though Betsy was one of the judges!!!

For some time we had been talking about trading in my (my dad’s) white truck to get something with a little better fuel mileage. The white truck was getting and average of 9.2 MPG and it was kinda breaking the bank! So Papa Stan called Ashley’s father-in-law Vance to see if we could trade our truck in for a Ford focus! Well when all was said and done we and now the owners of a CAR! (who would have thought that would happen?) we now have a 2011 Ford Focus! Its was definitely not the easiest decision I’ve ever made! There were many many many tears! But don’t worry I have a great husband who kept 1 key to the truck so one day if I see it I can seal it!!( just kidding… well kinda) but in all seriousness the car is the best investment we have mad and it makes all the trips to vegas a lot more affordable!

How Firm is your foundation? Well ours is Extremely firm! It was now time to start building the house pad and man what a project for my poor husband but Papa Stan told us that that we needed a firm foundation because our house will be on it forever! So a little over 130 dump truck loads and lots of wheel rolling we have a HOUSE PAD!! Which we are soon hoping we will be able to build our dream house on! I’d like to give a special shout out to my VERY hard working husband who never gave up no matter house sick of hauling dirt he was he got it done and built us the FIRMEST FOUNDATION I’ve ever seen!!

Well to end this crazy month of April… like every other newlywed couple we got our first church calling! We were called to be Cub Scout Wolf Pack Leaders! Can you say best calling ever?!? We were both a little scared because we didn’t know what to exactly expect of the calling. 5-9 8 year old boys… definitely a handful! It is SO fun though we love the boys! They are so funny and love to have fun!
Hope everyone else had a fun April!