Tuesday, June 28, 2011


June brought lots of fun in the Hardy house!
The first Saturday in June we too a trip in to Vegas with mom and dad hardy to meet mom and dad Benites with Nana and Papa to do a temple session! We had so much fun there were so many cool expierences. We were all able to go through for a family member. My mom went through for my Great-grandma “Tiny” who was baptized exactly 75 years ago to the day that my mom did her endowments.
A couple days later we got “Little Pig” or “Wilbur” (according to Mark!)

He is such a funny pig! He has such a personality and he LOVES to eat anything that’s not pig food! He will eat dog food, watermelon, apple peals, doughnuts, hot dogs, and even dead birds but he will NOT eat his regular pig food. I don’t understand, we can mix the dog food and pig pellets but he will eat around all the pellets and just eat the dog food!! But when all Is said and done we love little pig and he soon will be dinner but we do enjoy having him around for now!

We are now loving the Game Farm in Overton! It has become a fun family project for us all to work on! I found/caught the “ground munk” in a field and I was so excited! I went running over to justin to show him and tell him it bit me and he told me to drop it so I did and he stomped on it and killed it! Why? Because it’s a gopher and it has rabies! Well thanks babe, I knew you were always looking out for me!

In the middle of the month we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the St. George Temple for Cody and Mersadie Hardy’s sealing! It was absolutely beautiful and it was fun to be back in the same room that we had and what was even cooler was they had the SAME sealer we did! It was super fun to see them become an eternal family! We are so excited for them! P.S. they had their baby a few days later and she is absolutely the most beautiful baby girl ever! While in St. George we met up with the Desert View Wards Girls camp! It was so fun! I realllly missed girls camp this year! It was always my favorite part of summer but just seeing them made my whole day!

I have the best Dad’s and Grandpas in the world! We had such a fun father’s day! We woke up and went over to the fire station to visit Papa Stan at work we brought him a big Pepsi and sat around and hung out for a while. Then we headed over to visit Dad Benites! His request was that all he wanted for father’s day was to go swimming with his family and have steaks for dinner! So that’s exactly what we did and we had blast!! We all pitched in and made dinner!

We are a John Deere family and I have enjoyed driving the tractor and helping out around the farm while Justin is at work! Driving the tractors are really so fun I understand why Justin loves it so much!
Grandpa turned 80!! So we had to party!!! We threw grandpa an 80th birthday party the last Saturday in june! Mom and Dad Benites came to town with Emily and Nana and Papa to join the festivities! We took lots of family pictures served lots of cake and listen to so jamming music from Dustin, Jack and Jill. It was a great evening with lots of family and friends!

At the end of June we took a spur of the moment fishing trip with Mom and Dad Hardy. We packed up the boat and headed to the lake for a few hours! We had so much fun and once again I got skunked!!! What the heck! I keep wondering to myself if I will ever catch a fish again but its okay cause I just love to be on the boat! But for the record; Striper tastes WAY better that trout!


  1. I love that Mark's in his underwear. Gotta get that boy some clothes!! Love all your catch up posts. You are so fun!

  2. Where has the time gone.. It is now November. You are now in your house... your little pig, is HUGE. Mark looks so little in your picture.. and I still can't believe you caught that gopher.."Ground Munk". I think we should have gone fishing a lot more.
    I love you tons!! Mom Hardy